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Los Angeles Rentals

Property management provides the guiding hand and overall supervision of the day to day operations of a property. Professional management is a key to real estate profits over the long term. CPM manages office, industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. offers the full range of management services, from rent collection and contract negotiation and renewal, through ongoing upkeep and preventive maintenance.

With extensive experience and a portfolio of thousands of tenants, CPM has the strength to provide an immediate solution to any management problem . Professional management maintains and raises the level of a building's tenants, ensuring high levels of occupancy and steady income.

Commercial Property Management, Inc.Find rentals in Los Angeles County, View Open House schedule

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  • 3251 W.6th Street Suite 109
    Los Angeles, CA. 90020
  • Leasing Office :1-800-870-8440
  • Management :1-800-775-4276

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